Foxcom – MLNK4-03-08-47-1R-1R-13-ID-00 – 4 VHF High Power Extension System

  • Single fiber use
  • Dust proof mechanism, full power with 75% optical degradation
  • Zero transmit loss circuitry
  • Advanced amplification
  • Optional Military field enclosure
  • High Performance filtering
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Foxcom’s military Radio Link fiber extension system is the ideal solution for remote antenna placement for tactical military applications.

This innovative optical solution open’s new boundaries by eliminating traditional limits of coax cables allowing the user to place his remote antenna up to 30Km whilst still maintaining signal quality and eliminating lighting damage risks.

System is composed of the Radio unit which interface with 2/4 or more radios. The Antenna unit outputs upto 50Watt of transmit power to each antenna connected.

The radio units connect to the radio via coax cable and are protected against transmit power overload. The Antenna unit is safe guarded against environmental degradation and can maintain full output power at all time.

With a strong processing power and a ‘Zero transmit loss circuitry’, Foxcom Radio Link supports high speed change rate whilst maintaining narrow band filtering. The Radio link system can easily be adjusted to support any radio type.

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