• Broadband Transmission – 950 – 2150 MHz (3000 MHz Available)
  • Protocol Transparent – transmits all video, audio and data modulation formats
  • Transmission distances ranging from 100m to 60km
  • Gain Control, Indicators, Alarms and Monitors
  • Single or Multi Channel up or downlink transmission
  • Interface with M & C Systems for remote signal monitoring
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Foxcom’s Sat-Light L-Band IFLs offer a high performance, cost effective alternative to conventional coaxial-cabled systems. Sat-Light’s L-Band IFLs cover the range of 950 – 2150 MHz (with optional coverage to 3000 MHz). They are used for the transmission over single mode fiber optic cable of block downconverted C, extended C, X or Ku band signals. Transmission of L-Band Inmarsat signals as well as communication radar transmission and reception are also made possible using Foxcom’s L-Band range of products.

The 7320 and 7410F Systems transmit and receive an entire L-Band polarization over singlemode fiber from a satellite antenna to reception equipment up to 2 kilometers away while preserving signal quality. The 7320 comes with MGC on both the Tx and Rx, providing maximum link stability. The 7410F has Automatic Gain Control on the Tx, and MGC on the Rx.