Gilbert – GF-UE-6Q – RG-6 Series, Quad braid coverage

  • The sealed coupling nut design (Patent #5975591) permits the nut to spin freely for easy installation; connector fully seals when the nut is tightened
  • Patented grooved nut design provides improved grip (Patent #6887102)
  • 360 degre radial compression (Patent #6790081) at the connector/cable interface provides excellent RF shielding and prevents moisture ingress
  • Three-point sealing system passes the SCTE Interface Moisture Migration test (IPS TP 013)
  • Each connector is marked by a color coded label which displays “GILBERT” and the cable series
  • Lowest activation force available in a high performance compression connector
  • One-piece construction eliminates lost or mismatched components
  • One connector for both indoor and outdoor applications
  • One-step cable preparation using industry-accepted trim dimensions
  • Uses commonly available compression tools; Compatible with existing UltraSeal compression tools
  • weather resistant when used with the Corning Gilbert Seal Ring (G-SR-1/2) and installed on a standard “F” Female port (ANSI/SCTE SP 400 1996)
  • All exposed metal surfaces are nickel plated for superior corrosion resistance
  • Compatible with industry-accepted security sleeves
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The UltraEase is a high performance, weather resistant “F” connector (Patent #6790081) that combines the ease of installation with superior performance. These compression connectors featurepost- a forward design which allows easy verification that the cable dielectric is flush with the post face prior to compression. After compression, the connector post has a conventional recessed position-another feature that helps the technician install the connector correctly every time. The UltraEase59 and 6 connector design incorporates a patented free spinning nut (Patent #5975591), making installation faster and more reliable. Patented grooved nut (Patent #6887102) design provides improved grip and ease of installation in tight locations. The one-piece design eliminates any loose parts. Connectorization can be performed rapidly and consistently without the risk of misalignment of multiple parts. UltraEase compression technology provides 360 degrees of contact to the cable, providing excellent RF shielding integrity and a complete seal to the cable jacket that locks out moisture.

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