Holland – ST-4000D – Hand-Held Signal Level Meter – Discontinued

This product has unfortunately been discontinued. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • Full Bandwidth Operation
  • Analog, Digital ATSC 8VSB Measurement CATV Ch: 2-136, Off-Air: 2-69, Sub-Band: T7-T14
  • Wide Dynamic Range (-28 to 55 dBmV)
  • Reads Aural and Visual Carrier Levels
  • Direct Channel or Frequency Measurement for use with other RF signal applications
  • Group Channel Selection for quick system tests just toggle and read only the favorite channels
  • Protective Leather Case & Strap


The ST-4000D is an economical signal level meter providing the most needed functions, high accuracy and reliability at an affordable price. Rugged portability combined with basic functions makes the ST-4000D an ideal hand-held signal meter. This meter now comes with an expanded channel range of Sub-Band channels T7 through T14.

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