McCain – M34749 – Programmable Traffic Signal

  • Individual modular sections
  • Reinforcing ribs on top and bottom of housings for extra rigidity
  • Stainless steel door roll pins and eye bolt/wing nut assemblies
  • Moisture-proof and dust-tight neoprene gasket fitted to the gasket channel cast in the door perimeter
  • 5-position, barrier-type terminal block with quick-disconnect terminals on one side of each position and screw clamp terminals on
    the other side of each position
  • 3-prong, PAR-46 lamp secured by a wire ring and a spring load clip
  • Acrylic lenses colored to ITE specifications
  • Masking kit
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McCain’s Programmable Traffic Signals are rugged, high-performance, directional traffic signals used to limit signal visibility to specific target areas and increase intersection safety. These 12-inch traffic signals feature a focused and directional beam for precise lane control or to avoid motorist confusion when two intersections are in close proximity. McCain, an industry leader in signal manufacturing and supply, offers an extensive range of configurations and accessories, including backplates, visors, and signal assemblies to match all your traffic signal requirements.

Product Description

The McCain aluminum Programmable Traffic Signals are modular in design allowing them to be assembled in a variety of configurations.
Signals are compatible with 115 VAC, three-prong, incandescent bulbs, and LED assemblies.

Programming is accomplished through the use of a Fresnel lens and a smaller clear lens. Masked-off portions of the smaller lens control which signal each lane sees during approach.

Signal sections can be tilted in two-degree increments for a maximum of ten degrees above and below the horizontal axis while still
maintaining a common vertical axis.

The incandescent version of the signal head has an automatic dimming circuit to adjust light output according to environmental conditions.


  • Provide superior visibility
  • Help reduce accidents and improve traffic flow
  • Configure to meet your needs and specifications
  • Stand the test of time with weather-tight doors and corrosion-resistant aluminum fabrication
  • Available with a full range of accessories including; backplates, visors, and mounting hardware

Use with the Pelco – SP-1006 – Astro-Brac Stellar Assembly

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