Milliken – Vis™ Tape – Pull Tape for Cable

  • Extraordinary print legibility and durability
  • 99% print length accuracy
  • Increased softness for easier knotting
  • Specialty tape offered with a colored thread for easy identification when pulling cable into multiple cells
  • Specialty tape offered with a 22ga detectable wire
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Vis™ pull tape with Mprint™ technology improves productivity and reduces total cost by eliminating rework and scrap.  Our unique Mprint process increases print durability and ensures print length accuracy while our production process ensures a softer feel.


This is no time for guesswork. You need to know with certainty what the numbers are on your pull tape. Any confusion could cost you – big time. Vis Tape’s unique MPrint™ process assures extraordinary print legibility and durability – every inch of the way. So, you’ll never be guessing – or even squinting.

Print Length Accuracy

You’re not looking for kind of close – you need as exact as you can get.  Vis Tape has taken Print Length Accuracy to a new paradigm with prepping, printing, and calibration of the encoder and default settings. The result – industry-99% accuracy that you can count on. Every time.


It’s a new age in pull tape. No longer does Print Legibility require a super-stiff and unmanageable tape that’s brutal on your hands and impossible to knot. Vis Tape’s industry-changing manufacturing process means you get the legibility you need – with the Softness you want.  Softer tape means easier knotting and less rework.


  • Tensile Strength 1130/1250/1800/2500 lb. (min)
  • Working Load 1130/1250/1800/2500 lb.
  • Color White
  • Print Color Black
  • Pre-lubricated with silicone
  • Printed with sequential foot markings
  • Packaging: UV resistant white plastic wrap
  • VTDET: Detectable wire is a 22ga solid tinned copper conductor, 23 ohms per mile resistance
  • VTID: Color coded threads for easy identification
  • Available colors: blue or orange