Multicom – MUL-GWDE – Guy Wire Dead-end for Strand

  • Color Coded to easily identify the part needed for each job
  • Cross Over marks to indicate the starting point for small and large diameter fittings
  • Identification Tag Catalog Number & Guy size
  • Offset Tips for easy application of the strand start with the short leg
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The Multicom Guy Wire Dead-end is made of galvanized steel wire with B class Coating for use with high strength Class A strands. The Dead-end is made with the same material as the strand to which it will be applied.

This Guy Wire Deadend can be used to retain, anchor and connect the end of a steel cable for Telecomm, CATV and Energy Industries. Use with down guy wire, not for overhead strands.

Multicom’s MUL-GWDE comes in these Part#s / size variations. Please refer to the Spec Sheet:

  • MUL-GWDE-3/16
  • MUL-GWDE-7/32
  • MUL-GWDE-1/4
  • MUL-GWDE-9/32
  • MUL-GWDE-5/16
  • MUL-GWDE-3/8
  • MUL-GWDE-7/16

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3/16, 7/32, 1/4, 9/32, 5/16, 3/8, 7/16

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