Netceed – L70000687 – Raceway Series, Outlet Accessories

  • Surface raceways are used in schools, hospitals, and offices to guide cables and wires from the telecommunications closet to workstations
  • The elevation of the outlet provides ample space for all electrical, fiber optic, and Ethernet cable passage
  • Surface raceways come complete with an optional line of accessories that allow you to route cables almost anywhere
  • Eliminates the need for wall cutouts or to install junction boxes Raceways maintain excellent condition without cracking or discoloration even with frequent re-entry, stress, and wear
  • Fire resistant and paintable
  • Accordance with standards:
    – IP44 (EN 60529)
    – IK05 (EN 50102, C 20-015)


The Netceed Series of Surface Raceways and accessories are ideal for securely hiding and routing electric, fiber optic, and Ethernet cabling. This surface raceway system has been designed for easy installation and cable access with its unique flip or slide-open design and customized multi-module integration.

GFCI outlets, fiber optic connectors, and RJ45 Ethernet ports are easy to install with fixing modules that can be secured to the wall at the precise location needed, connector module  installed, and then the module cover is applied to provide a clean finish.

T-junctions, inside and outside corner angles, couplers, and endcaps provide flexible mounting options for every raceway configuration.

Part Number:

GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) Duplex Outlet,
with cover

Part Number:

SC, Double LC and E2000 optical adapters,
with cover

Part Number:

RJ45 Keystone Connector,
with cover


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L70000687 GFCI, L70000688 Fiber, L70000689 RJ45

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