NeXgen Gateway – NXG-X-MOD – NeXgen Modules

The NXG Platform Base – Master Controller Module, Mainframe, and Power Supplies provide:

  • IP routing and traffic management
  • System Configuration and management via a powerful Linux-based monitoring and control system
  • Module interconnection via a 30 Gb high-speed backplane
  • Distributes DC power to the various sections and modules via (2) fully-redundant, hot-swappable power supplies

The entire NeXgen Gateway is dependent on the Modules below. 



The NeXgen Gateway is dependent on the Modules listed below:

IP Module(s) – 256 Input/256 Output IP Streams / GbE Connector (x4):

The IP modules provides IP connectivity to the NXG backplane. The NXG-IP is an input/output module that supports up to 256 SPTS per 1Gb RJ45 Ethernet port for a total capacity of 1024 SPTS per module. The NXG-IP-MPTS module accepts up to 32 MPTS per 1GbE port, and up to 16 programs per MPTS, for a full capacity of 2048 streams.

EAS Module – EAS SCTE-18:

The Emergency Alert System (EAS) module is a scalable and cost-effective solution, allowing video service providers to deliver next generation video content and SCTE compliant EAS messaging to hospitality locations.Each NXG-EAS module handles on EAS zone permitting a single NXG platform to service multiple properties with targeted messages by using multiple EAS and IP or QAM output modules.

CableCARD® QAM Input Decryptor Module – Holds 4 CableCARDS (Motorola/Arris or Cisco/SA):

The CableCARD® QAM Input Decryptor module includes multiple full-band-capture QAM tuners and four (4) CableCARDs to provide ingest of up to twenty four (24) programs from the incoming cable system. The module is capable of tuning any twenty four (24) QAM channels from 54 to 1002 MHz, and will decrypt any MediaCipher, PowerKey, or NDS encryption, based upon the customer- installed CableCARDs.

QAM Modulator Module – 32 Agile QAM Carriers (Supports 64 or 256 QAM) 45 dBmV:

The NXG-32CH-QM multi-channel QAM Modulator provides up to 32 QAM 256 channels. All 32 output channels are fully agile from 54 to 1002 MHz, with the requirement that all channels must be within a 768 MHz frequency span. Each program can be configured to support a customized channel lineup for desired locations.

Pro:Idiom for IP or QAM Module – Pro:Idiom Encryption 72 Programs:

The Pro:Idiom module(s) are designed to add Pro:Idiom security at Transport Stream level protection for either IP Pro:Idiom or Pro:Idiom QAM deployments.To receive the programs, a viewer is required to use a Pro:Idiom decryptor.

Clear QAM Input Module – Holds 4 CableCARDS (Motorola/Arris or Cisco/SA):

The NXG-CQAM-24 input module includes multiple full-band-capture QAM tuners to provide ingest of up to twenty four (24) programs from the incoming cable system. The module is capable of tuning any (24) “clear QAM input” channels from 54 to 1002 MHz.

HD Encoder Module – 4 HD Program Encoder – Inputs: 3-HDMI (Unencrypted) + 1-Component:

The HD Encoder module accepts (4) HD programs from (1) of the available inputs: HDMI (unencrypted), or Component/Composite video via (1) DIN connector. The output IP stream is delivered to the Mainframe backplane for further NXG System processing.The HD Encoder module allows the user to customize their channel line-up by insertion of locally generated content, targeting their unique guest requirements, or to create a source for advertising revenue.

EPG Module – Provides Digital Scrolling Channel Guide:

The Electronic Program Guide module allows content Service Providers to offer a digital program guide for a property’s unique channel lineup. The EPG module can be configured to use the Service Provider’s existing guide data source or Gracenote Global video data.The EPG is customizable to include a logo, image, or jpg banner ads in the TV screen header or footer sections, allowing a property to promote special events, or sell ad space to local businesses for more revenue.

ATSC Demodulator Module – 8VSB Demodulator:

The Broadcast ATSC Demodulator module is a four (4) independent 8VSB tuner-based design that simultaneously demodulates all four (4) inputs to IP MPEG-2 transport streams for further processing.The MPEG-2 PSIP tables associated with each of the selected programs can either be passed through to the output, or can be customized by the Operator to create a custom lineup from cable or off-air sources.

IP Input DRM Module – Digital Rights Management Input (Specify Encryption):

The IP Input Digital Rights Management (DRM) module supports full content video delivery from a Service Provider to Enterprise property locations via Ethernet.The IP Input DRM module is a scalable and cost-effective solution that can be easily integrated into any existing IP video work flow, allowing video Service Providers to securely deliver next generation IP video content to hospitality locations.

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