OFS – Drop In A Box – FTTH Fiber 1/2 Count Single Mode

When you need a reliable, convenient and cost-effective drop cable product, why not think “inside the box” with the OFS Drop-in-a-Box™ Cable Solution? The Drop-in-a-Box solution offers high-performance, outdoor flfl at drop optical cable in a durable, yet easy-tohandle- and-deploy package for true “out of the box” cable disbursement. Designed to offer an excellent alternative to traditional “reeled” drop cable, this cable package helps save time and money on set-up and installation.


  • High-performance, outdoor fl at drop optical cable in a fl exible and easy-to-transport package
  • Fiber counts of 1 and 2 in all-dielectric and toneable designs
  • Enables fast drop cable placement and pulling
  • Easier to use and less wasteful than standard fiber reel packages
  • Boxes can be easily stacked and confi gured for the ready pay-off of multiple cable runs (no need for payoff stands, reel supports or other special deployment equipment); helps save on storage space and expense
  • Offers improved cable protection over traditional open reel packaging
  • Direct cable access through the box top for easy management of excess cable
  • Cable box is readily recyclable
  • Descending cable jacket marking system provides immediate, exact view of unused cable length
  • Box design helps prevent twisting and tangling of cable during pulling
  • Available in 1,000 foot (305 meters) and 1,250 foot (380 meter) lengths
  • Excellent for use in Fiber-to-the-Desk, FTTH, FTTB, fi ber drops within MDUs, and short-tomedium length cable runs between buildings
  • Suitable for self-supporting aerial drop installations*
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