OFS – PowerGuide – TTH ADSS Fiber Optic Cable (1-30 Count)

  • Excellent, cost-effective alternative for short aerial cable spans and FTTH applications
  • Lightweight and easy to handle and install for duct and aerial use
  • Single, durable PE jacket for fast and convenient cable preparation
  • Fiber counts up to 30
  • Small nominal cable diameter and bend radius for easy deployment in aerial-to-underground installations
  • All-dielectric construction with a maximum of six fibers per buffer tube
  • RDUP (formerly RUS) listed
  • Available with AllWave® ZWP and AllWave FLEX ZWP Single-Mode Fiber, TrueWave® RS LWP Single-Mode Fiber and Multimode Fibers.
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When you need a small diameter and cost-effective, yet robust cabling solution for FTTH and short aerial span applications, look to the PowerGuide TTH Cable.

Featuring one of the world’s smallest ADSS cable diameters, this cable is compact, lightweight and easy to handle and install, saving time and money on deployment. By eliminating the need for expensive cable shielding or grounding, the PowerGuide TTH Cable’s all-dielectric construction saves even more money on installation.

While the PowerGuide TTH Cable is small and flexible, it is also highly durable and reliable. The specialized TTH cable design features integrated aramid yarn strength elements and a rugged PE outer jacket for superior cable strength and stability.

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