Olson Technology – LaserPlus LP-OT-L – HFC 1310nm DFB Transmitter with Low Optical Output

  • Low Cost 1 GHz design facilitates Forward Path Segmentation in newer 1:1 ratio (trans-mitter-to-node) Targeted Services Delivery (TSD) narrowcast architectures
  • 3 and 6 dBm low optical output for loss budgets from 1dB to 10 dB (< 30 km)
  • Lowers cost of narrowcast bandwidth accelerates advanced services deployment
  • Simple Plug-and-Play initial set-up: adjust transmitter for RF input level and GO!
  • Front Panel RF Input test point: 75 Ohm F-type
  • Front Panel Optical Power and Laser Current test points: via high-impedance voltmeter
  • Front Panel status LEDs: Optical Power, Laser Current and Cooler summary alarms
  • Advanced predistortion circuitry yields excellent CSO/CTB performance
  • Revolutionary laser cooler design yields improved cost-to-performance ratio
  • Energy-efficient internal circuit design for low power consumption and long-term reliability
  • Single-slot width, plug-in, front-access module with hot-swap capability, slides into one of the fifteen (15) available applications slots in the LaserPlus LP-CH-16 Chassis
  • Chassis-based plenum with four large fans creates more airflow and better reliability than module-based fans; if fan-failure occurs, transmitters remain in operation


The Olson Technology, Inc. Model LP-OT-x Targeted Services Delivery (TSD) 1310nm DFB Optical Transmitter family is a single-slot module for the LaserPlus optical transmission platform. It was engineered specifically to meet recent requirements for a one-transmitter-per-one-node (1:1 ratio) system design. This architecture, being implemented by an ever-increasing number of MSO’s in metro area applications, assumes a short (

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