Olson Technology – LCM-6550 – Three Agile Modulators in Single Chassis

  • Three agile modulators in 19″W x 1.75″H rack space
  • Each modulator features 54MHz to 550MHz agile capability
  • High level +53dBmV combined output
  • Composite IF loop
  • Greater than 72dB combined out-of-band C/N ratio
  • Saw filtering for excellent adjacent channel rejection
  • BTSC compatible
  • Available in PAL standands
  • Low power consumption


The model LCM-6550 packages three frequency agile modulators in a single 1.75″H rack mount chassis. Each modulator has an output frequency range of 55.25MHz to 547.25MHz selectable by front panel DIP switches. The combined RF output for these three channels is +53dBmV minimum. A high level (+36dBmV) composite IF loop is provided with each modulator and F.C.C. offsets are tunable by front panel adjust. The combined out-of-band carrier to noise ratio for three channels is >72dB, which allows virtually unlimited numbers of LCM-6550 to be combined without the need for external bandpass filters.

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