Olson Technology – LCP-500-550 – Frequency Agile TV Processor

  • Available in four standards – NTSC, PAL B/G, PAL I and PAL D.
  • Internal squelch circuit provides noise free standby carrier operation.
  • Any input channel from Ch. 2 through Ch. W and all UHF channels.
  • Any output channel from Ch. 2 through Ch. PPP (547.25MHz)
  • Input and output channels are front panel DIP switch selectable.
  • Greater than 77dB Out-of-Band carrier to noise ratio.
  • High level (+60dBmV) output.
  • Saw filters for >60dB adjacent channel rejection.
  • BTSC stereo compatible.
  • Low power consumption.


The LCP-500-550 Series is a cost effective, frequency agile television processor that will fit most processor applications. This unit is capable of selecting any VHF, HRC and IRC input frequency from 54MHz to 300MHz and any UHF frequency from 470MHz to 890MHz in 0.25MHz increments by front panel DIP switches. Output frequencies from 55.25MHz to 547.25MHz are front panel DIP switch selectable in 1MHz increments. F.C.C. offsets are tunable by a front panel adjustment. Features such as >77dB Out-of-Band carrier to noise ratio, 60dB spurious free dynamic range and low power consumption of only 17 watts; all combine to make the agile LCP-500-550 not only a processor that offers high performance, but excellent reliability as well.

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