Olson Technology – OTPN-2000C – High Output FTTP Premise Node Optical Receiver with Optional Return Transmitter

  • Flagship Model of the OT “Premise Node” family: High-Output, Premium-Performance and Full-Featured
  • Stable, High RF Output Level (+46 dBmV) over Wide (+3 to -6dBm at 1310/1550nm) Optical Input range
  • Superior Low-Noise Performance (CNR > 49 dB at -6 dBm Optical Input) and CSO/CTB Specs (> 64/69dB)
  • Designed to Directly Feed 64+ television outlets in FTTB applications (more with line extender amplifiers)
  • Inter-Stage Slope and RF Input/Output controls via internal Plug-in EQ's and Plug-In attenuator Pads
  • Calibrated external Optical Input Power Meter (1V/mW) and internal RF test points (at -20dB)
  • Full CATV Forward Path Bandwidth (Analog and QAM Digital) 54-1,000MHz (+/-1.0dB)
  • DFB and CWDM Return Laser Transmitter options (field-installable) for two-way DOCSIS operation
  • Choice of Return/Forward Frequency Diplexer Splits (42/54MHz, 65/85MHz or 30/45MHz)
  • Built-in Universal 90-240 VAC (at 50/60 Hz) CE-approved Power Supply for local powering
  • Greater than 6kV surge tolerant RF output and SMT construction for consistency, reliability and performance
  • Compact (3″x 5″x 8″), Lightweight, Rugged cast aluminum housing for easy installation


The OLSON TECHNOLOGY, INC. PremiseNode Model OTPN-2000C is a high-output, high-performance, full-featured CATV optical node designed around the very latest optical receiver technology to reliably deliver a full slate of multiplexed video, high speed data and telephony services in an HFC/PON fiber-to-the-premise (FTTP) environment. The unit is ideally suited for direct fiber transmission of CATV RF signals in FTTH, MDU, industrial, corporate, government, educational or other I-Net applications where a high performance, compact indoor node is required. The unit is constructed with high quality components to enable it to meet or exceed its performance specifications over a wide temperature range in an uncontrolled environment, but does require protection from the elements. It is configured for standalone desktop, shelf or wall-mounting, or can be 2RU 19″ EIA rack-mounted via the optional OTLL-RMKIT2 kit. The OTPN-2000C is forced-air cooled via an external high-MTBF fan, which is designed to be field-replaceable without interrupting operation. The base “receiver-only” model is a rugged, self-contained device with an optical input range which is wider and more sensitive than traditional CATV node receivers, permitting its link deeper into the subscriber base. The OTPN-2000C accepts reliable plug-in attenuator pads to allow the RF output level to be adjusted over a wide range of optical input power. The unit also allows for an interchangeable equalizer so that the slope of the RF output can be adjusted. See the middle chart on page 6 for more details. The units ships with a 15dB equalizer installed. The attenuator pad is usually in the 8dB to 10dB range. The OTPN-2000C includes a unique provision which provides for the addition of an optional high-performance return DFB or CWDM laser return transmitter, creating a complete two-way, DOCSIS-compatible indoor node in a low-profile, integrated package. This “sidecar” module, the OTPT-300A, is a separate unit, designed so it can be installed initially or added later in the field with a minimum of effort. The OTPT-300A also features an external wideband (5-300MHz) RF input, which eliminates the need for costly sub-band modulators and demodulators in local origination upstream video applications.The OTPN-2000C is the perfect companion to the Olson Technology, Inc. LaserLite (Models OTOT-1000C-x and OTOR-300) and LaserPlus (Models LP-OT-x and LP-OR) Forward Transmitter and Return Reiver product families, but is also designed to mate with analog optical transmitters and return receivers from most leading manufacturers.

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