Olson Technology – OTPN-3850-SA – 3.85GHz FTTH PON Receiver

  • Wide bandwidth FTTH PON receiver incorporates a WDM to pass 1310nm and 1490nm and to detect 1550nm over a bandwidth of 50-3,850 MHz.
  • Receive only indoor optical node for fiber-deep FTTX/PON CATV applications.
  • Wide operating optical input window of 0 to -6dBm at 1550nm.
  • CATV parameters are optimized at -4dBm optical input.
  • CATV RF output: +23dBmV typical per channel at 3% OMI per channel over rated optical input window.
  • Full forward path bandwidth of 50-3,850MHz with low noise and distortion accommodates full band CATV and multiple satellites.
  • Compatible with most external frequency destackers. An external destacker is required to recover stacked satellite signals.
  • Green LED for positive indication of power.
  • Red LED for optical input loss (signal level below -10dBm).
  • Open collector alarm for optical input loss (when signal level drops below -10dBm).


The Olson Technology Inc. Model OTPN-3850-SA provides 50-3,850 MHz bandwidth, allowing it to carry CATV signals from 50-870 MHz along with two stacked 950-2,150MHz L-Band signals. The L-Band signals are usually at a level below the CATV signals The optical input contains downstream forward path CATV and L-Band signals at 1550nm, downstream Ethernet data at 1490nm and upstream Ethernet data at 1310nm. The optical output passes the 1310nm and 1490nm signals. The 1550nm wavelength goes to a photodiode and is amplified. The optical input level is sensed to trigger an optical alarm if the input light level is below -10dBm. The input optical level is also used to control a PIN diode attenuator maintaining constant RF level as the optical input level varies from dBm to dBm The signal is then amplified and output to a single F connector output.

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