Olson Technology – S450P – Analog Signal Processing S-Series Frequency Agile Heterodyne Processor

  • Frequency agile output: 50 to 450 MHz
  • BTSC stereo compatibility
  • Front panel controls
  • On-Channel operation Mode
  • FCC Compliant


The S450P Frequency Agile Heterodyne Processor, offers an economical way to process off-air or cable-delivered signals in CATV headends without sacrificing performance. All adjustments are made via convenient front panel controls; no internal adjustments are required. Input frequency selection is accomplished with front panel dipswitches located behind a sliding cover. The S450P accepts VHF and UHF broadcast channels up to 801 MHz and cable channels to 450 MHz. Output channel selection is also accomplished with front panel dipswitches that tune in 0.25 MHz increments from 50 to 450 MHz. Other front panel adjustments include: an audio/video ratio (A/V) control which adjusts the aural carrier from -12 dB to -17 dB below the video carrier; an offset adjustment control which enables the output frequency to meet FCC requirements; and an RF output level control which can be adjusted 10 dB down from typical 60 dBmV output. The S450P can accept and process BTSC stereo delivered signals with no added signal degradation.

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