Open-Mesh – IDWHOM1P – OM Indoor Wallplug Enclosure – Discontinued

This product has unfortunately been discontinued. Please refer to our Ubiquiti products as a substitute.

This tiny, tool-free wallplug enclosure has been designed exclusively for the complete line of OM Series access points and is ideal for securing access points exactly where they need to go. The access point, antenna (OM2P) and power supply are completely hidden inside with no lights visible.

The wallplug enclosure supports all types and sizes of North-American outlets, including standard center-screw and Decora-style, without putting any holes into the wall. The backplate simply screws onto the outlet cover plate, then the top snaps over the backplate. This has the advantage of covering the mounting screw making it non-obvious how the unit is attached. Shipped in light UV-stabilized and UL-approved plastic to blend into most wall colors.

This enclosure must be installed on the bottom outlet. Replace the middle screw (standard) or bottom screw (decora) during install. It is not designed to cover both outlets. See the video below for detailed installation instructions.

While you can modify the enclosure to plug in an Ethernet cable, it is best used for access points in repeater mode where only power is required.

Dimensions: H=11.3cm (4.4′), W=13.6cm (5.4′), D=4.86cm (1.9′)

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Indoor Wallplug Enclosure for all OM Series access points that conveniently hides the access point and power cord inside. Securely attaches to the center screw of a standard North American style wall outlet.

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