Pico Digital – CEF Series – Single-Channel Elimination Filter

  • CEF550 89-Channel Passband 5-550 MHz (CATV T7-T13 2-78, 95-99) eliminating any single channel between 54-216 MHz (CATV 2-13, 95-99)
  • CEF750 125-Channel Passband 54-750 MHz (CATV 2-125) eliminating any single channel between 54-456MHz (CATV 2-62)
  • Deep -55dB typical cavity-tuned notch filter for clean signal removal of selected cable channels and subsequent insertion of locally originated signals
  • High-Q helical resonators with unique coupling circuitry provide excellent long-term stability
  • Sharp filter cut-off edges allow adjacent channels to be processed with negligible loss
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The Pico Macom CEF550 and CEF750 are professional grade single channel elimination filters designed to provide a 6MHz-wide carrier-free environment to insert locally originated channels. When used in conjunction with Pico Macom’s high quality modulators, these units are the most cost-effective method to add locally originated programming to an MATV or CATV system while ensuring the highest quality picture across the band. This unit employs multi-stage cavity bandpass and notch filtering to provide single channel rejection depth typically greater than -55dB, thereby eliminating disruptive carriers and greatly improving picture quality. Also, the unique filter design and sharp frequency cut-off provide minimum adjacent channel disruption and excellent passband frequency response ensuring no degradation in system performance. In systems requiring more than one inserted channel, up to 4 units can be cascaded for multiple channel elimination and reinsertion with negligible interaction. The CEF550 and CEF750 are pre-tuned to any channel in the notch range for easy drop-in installation. Pico Macom backs up this product with its industry leading 5-year limited warranty.

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