Pico Digital – CHC16U – 550/860MHz Active Headend Combiner – Discontinued

We apologize, this product has been discontinued. Please refer to this Passive Headend paired with this Amplifier instead.

  • Broadband 82 and 135-Channel Range 54-550MHz (CATV 2-78, 95-99) and 54-860 MHz (CATV 2-135)
  • Accommodates any combination of 16 digital and/or analog signal inputs for maximum system flexibility
  • Adjustable hybrid push-pull amplifier compensates for losses associated with passive combining networks thereby improving carrier-to-noise and harmonic distortion
  • Accommodates modulators and processors with lower outputs, thereby reducing costs for additional signal conditioning
  • Directional coupler design and low insertion loss provide improved carrier-to-noise, system performance and picture quality

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The Pico Macom CHC16U Series are professional re-broadcast grade quality high-isolation 16-channel active headend combiners available in 82-Channel (54-550 MHz) and 135-Channel (54-860 MHz) frequency bandwidths. These units are designed to combine up to 16 input channels into a common broadband output. The CHC16U Series features a front-panel-adjustable hybrid push-pull amplifier to compensate for the combiner’s insertion losses and drive the cable system directly. The high quality directional coupler design provides high isolation between input ports, ensuring minimal interaction between the digital and/or analog input sources. Additionally, the units’ high isolation and built-in gain maximize carrier-to-noise ratio and overall picture quality. Pico Macom backs up these products with its industry leading 5-year limited warranty.

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