Pico Digital – DSM1 – Dual Satellite Signal Level Meter – Discontinued

  • Quick and easy alignment simplifies single and elliptical dish alignment
  • Dual input and independent meter display saves time by providing simultaneous alignment and monitoring of two LNB orbital slots without alternately switching between feeds
  • Independent 22KHz tone switches provide on-the-fly switching between orbital slots for simplified multiswitch testing and overall ease of operation
  • Overall band power display allows measurement of analog and digital, C and Ku band signals


Pico Macom’s DSM1 Dual Satellite Signal Level Meter is a full-featured handheld satellite IF meter providing a complete testing system in a convenient easy-to-carry protective case. The DSM1 enables testing and alignment of single or multiple satellite antennae and associated cabling. Dual signal paths and independent displays ensure quick and accurate alignment of altitude, elevation and tilt-skew, thus eliminating the need of multiple satellite meters when used with today’s and next generation satellite dish antenna. Connecting two LNB’s to the DSM1 provides simultaneous measurement, adjustment, and monitoring, enabling skew alignment of elliptical multi-feed satellite dish antenna. Unique to each side, variable audible tones enable rough signal peak detection through higher pitch change as signal level increases. Simultaneously, the analog meter’s deflection provides precise acquisition for optimum system performance. The amplification broadband detector and variable gain controls allow detection of a wide range of input levels. The dual meters can be independently switched between level, current, voltage and 22KHz tone, making the DSM1 the most complete troubleshooting tool available. The internal battery pack provides voltage to two LNB’s simultaneously, both switchable between 13-18VDC and allowing simple spectrum analysis and cable fault detection. A battery charger and sturdy carrying case with strap are included.

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