Pico Digital – F-59 – F-Series Coaxial Crimp Connectors

  • Designed to fit ample cable range including RG59, RG6, RG11
  • F-GSOL Series feature double environment seal protection to prevent water migration to connector-to-cable interface. Internal neoprene O-ring seal and silicone-gel in crimp area provide an impermeable shield against moisture migration ensuring reliability and high performance
  • Excellent RF shielding performance ensures RF integrity suitable for digital two-way systems
  • Excellent return-loss-exceeding -30 dB up to 2GHz provides great performance in digital environments
  • Improved industry standard design provides comfortable crimp pressure with readily available Hex crimp tools minimizing hand fatigue
  • Precision machined high-grade CDA360 brass one-piece construction
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TruSpec’s F-Series crimp connectors are high quality, cost-effective CDA360 brass connectors designed to fit a wide variety of RG11, RG6 and RG59 cables used in coaxial broadband networks. One-piece construction and industry standard dimensions facilitate quick and easy cable insertion and attachment for consistency and time savings. These connectors feature excellent return loss-better than -30dB up to 2GHz-providing great performance in digital applications. TruSpec’s F-GSOL-Series Weather-Sealed Crimp connectors feature double environment seal protection to prevent water migration to the connector-to-cable interface. An internal neoprene rubber O-Ring placed within the connector nut and silicone-gel around the crimped area form an impermeable seal against moisture. TruSpec’s standard hex-crimp tools HX596 (Universal Cable) or HX596Q (Quad Cable) provide secure connector to cable attachment. Manufactured to exacting standards, TruSpec’s F-Series connectors feature precision machined threads and polished internal bases to ensure maximum connector to port interface and connectivity, quality, and consistency. Available in anti-corrosion nickel, tin, or cadmium plating, TruSpec connectors provide years of reliable service against environmental damage.

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