Pico Digital – M860S – 806MHz Channelized-Agile CATV Stereo A/V Modulator

  • 125-Channel Range 54-806 MHz (CATV 2-125)
  • 60 dBmV minimum adjustable output for optimum carrier-to-noise performance
  • Composite audio-video IF loop provides compatibility with encoders, ghost cancellers, and video override applications
  • Integrated BTSC stereo encoder provides high fidelity stereo without costly add-ons
  • In-band carrier-to-noise ratio >60dB ensures superior picture quality
  • Lab re-tunable within band via front panel channel selection and minimum output filter retuning


The Pico Macom M860S is a professional re-broadcast grade microprocessor controlled phase-locked-loop synthesized single channel audio-video modulator with an integrated BTSC stereo encoder. The M860S provides 60dBmV minimum output from CATV channels 2 to 125 (54-806 MHz) while accommodating HRC and IRC offset frequencies. The unit is lab re-tunable within band via front panel channel selection and minimum output filter retuning. The integrated BTSC encoder enables delivery of high-fidelity stereo without the cost of a stand-alone stereo encoder. This cost-effective modulator was designed for use in heavily loaded systems requiring high stability and superior picture and stereo sound quality. Its phase locked loop frequency control, and superior SAW filtering enhances stability, minimizes adjacent channel interference and assures accurate and spurious free output. Superior out-of-band carrier-to-noise performance is achieved through band-pass filtering at the output amplifier. The modulator is shipped with all internal adjustments preset. FCC Docket 21006 offsets are standard. Pico Macom backs up this product with its industry leading 5-year limited warranty.

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