Pico Digital – MOR Series – Headend Equipment Racks and Shelves

  • Rugged equipment racks posts constructed of extra heavy-duty high-grade 10 and 12-Gauge scratch-resistant grey-hammertone steel to provide maximum rigidity
  • Equipment shelves constructed of heavy-duty high-grade 16-18 Gauge stamped steel for solid support of non-standard-mount equipment
  • Available in 4 standard rack heights with capacity of up to 47 EIA standard units for maximum flexibility and space efficiency
  • 3 shelf options available to accommodate every mounting need
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Pico Macom’s MOR-series 19-inch headend equipment racks and shelves are built of heavy-duty steel, providing maximum physical stability to mounted equipment while accommodating EIA standard RS310C 19 inch rack spacing. A choice of 4 different MOR rack heights allows varying capacities to place headends in even the most limited spaces. The scratch resistant grey hammer-tone finish supplies a subtle backdrop to present the equipment. The sturdy construction and fine-thread panel mounting screws (100 included) ensure maximum physical stability when fully loaded with equipment. Three Pico Macom MOR shelf options are available providing maximum flexibility for support of non-standard-mount equipment. The Pico Macom MOR-S shelf provides solid support for less expensive consumer equipment such as VCR’s, TV monitors, satellite receivers, digital receivers and computer equipment, thus eliminating the need for specialized equipment housings and complex mounting techniques. The Pico Macom MOR-S1 shelf is designed to provide a solid support for small width consumer satellite receivers and CATV set top converters. The Pico Macom MOR-S6 equipment rack shelf is designed to provide a solid support for up to six consumer satellite receivers, CATV digital receivers and CATV set top converters, configured vertically within the 19-inch wide equipment rack. Pico Macom backs up these products with its industry leading 5-year limited warranty.

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