Pico Digital – MPC12 – 12-Slot Universal Mini-Mod Chassis and Power Supply

  • Universal and fully compatible with Pico Macom SAW filtered plug-in modulators, demodulators, and power supply modules, and those of most other manufacturers
  • Precision engineered chassis enables smooth insertion or removal of modules along slide guides
  • Channel modules are plugged individually for ease of installation and removal
  • Dedicated home-run individual power connections facilitate removal of modules without disabling the system
  • Front panel Power LED display provides quick and easy system monitoring and troubleshooting reference
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The MPC12 is Pico Macom’s 2RU (3 1/2” high) compact 19” rack-mountable chassis with fan-cooled heavy-duty power supply. The integrated power supply (4-module wide) is a 70-Watt capacity module specifically designed for mini-modulator applications requiring a highly reliable DC input supply. Sophisticated packaging and filtering techniques are used to minimize the need for overall system filtering. The MPC12 power supply employs high efficiency current overload technology and a whisper quiet cooling fan to reduce heat transfer within the chassis providing cooler overall operation and ensuring improved long term reliability. Capable of housing up to 12 mini-modules, the MPC12 chassis is precision engineered to provide smooth insertion and removal of modules within the provided slide guides. The unit employs a universal wire-harness configuration that can accommodate mini modules from Pico Macom, including agile modulators and demodulators, and those from many other manufacturers in a mix-and-match fashion. Installation is easy. Just slide the modulator or demodulator into the racking system and plug in the supplied power supply cable and connector. Precise and automated manufacturing and value engineering ensure unmatched quality, timely delivery and very competitive cost. Custom assembled and fully tested multi-channel systems are also available from Pico Macom with the combination of fixed channel and/or agile mini-modulators and demodulators to meet your requirements. Pico Macom backs up this product with its industry leading 5-year limited warranty.

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