Pico Digital – MPCMA – Universal-Chassis Agile A/V Mini-Modulator

  • 135-Channel Range 54-860MHz (CATV 2-135)
  • >45dBmV min adjustable output for optimum carrier-to noise performance
  • Compatible with most manufacturers mini-modulator chassis
  • State-of-the-art digital phaselocked-loop (PLL) design guarantees precise frequency locking for solid drift-free operation
  • Microprocessor control enables quick digital push-button channel selection for ease of installation, configuration, and improved system uptime
  • SAW (surface acoustic wave) filtered for superior adjacent channel performance enables drop-in channel expansion
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The MPCMA is a professional grade microprocessor-controlled agile audio/video mini-modulator. This modulator accepts any audio-video baseband television signal and provides a 45dBmV minimum output on CATV channels 2 to 135 (54-860 MHz) while accommodating HRC and IRC offset frequencies. Channel selection is easily accomplished via channel up/down buttons located on the front panel while built-in RF muting circuitry prevents interference during online channel reassignment. This MPCMA features >-90dB out-of-band carrier-to-noise ratio, allowing virtually unlimited numbers of MPCMA’s to be combined in a system without the need for external bandpass filtering. Up to 12 or 16 units can be installed “mix-and-match” in Pico Macom’s MPC12, MPS12, MPC12R or MPC16 chassis with MPSM45 and MPCM45 mini-modulators or MPCD mini-demodulators. Its unique design enables it to be installed in other manufacturers’ mini-mod chassis. The unit’s tracking filter technology and double-heterodyne conversion ensure accurate and spurious-free output. The MPCMA uses SAW filtering in conjunction with FCC group delay correction circuitry to provide superior adjacent channel selectivity. The unit’s PLL circuitry in conjunction with the non-volatile memory contained in the microprocessor ensures easy and reliable channel selection and restoration. The MPCMA modulator is shipped with all internal adjustments preset. Pico Macom backs up this product with its industry leading 5-year limited warranty.

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