Pico Digital – MUL-280 – Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter

  • Auto-ranging measurement provides simple operation for all measurement types
  • Large 5/8'' high 3 3/4'' digital display with 33 segment fast analog bar graph provides easy to read ''at a glance'' operation
  • Full feature multimeter allows testing of diodes, transistors, capacitance, DC & AC voltage and current, frequency, resistance, and continuity with tone alert
  • Data hold switch saves time by ensuring display of maximum level without constant monitoring
  • Manual range override switch disables auto-range feature for in-range testing


The Pico Macom MUL-280 full featured hand held auto-ranging multimeter provides a complete voltage and circuit test system in a convenient hand held case. The MUL-280 enables an extensive array of measurement options all within one easy to operate auto-ranging meter. The level readings display on the large LCD screen in the form of a digital numeric readout and a bar graph for quick easy viewing. Standard measurements include, voltage up to 1000VDC & 750VAC, current up to 10A, resistance up to 3.26 M-Ohm, and continuity with tone alert. Featured measurements include diodes, transistors, capacitance, and frequency up to 200KHz providing the most complete array of testing functionality available in an cost-effective meter. Functionality features include data-hold, overload protection, double insulated leads and a holster that doubles as a table stand for use in test bench applications. Pico Macom’s MUL-280 full-featured hand held auto-ranging multimeter is ideally suited for use in field and test bench environments where high performance and reliable measurements are essential.

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