Pico Digital – PD-SIS – DVB Service Information Spooler

• Unified NIT Creation
• Channel Name + Number Configuration
• Time Synchronization
• STB Software Upgrade


The PD-SIS is a software configuration option of the Pico Digital Condor Server (PDCS) that is used in combination with Pico Digital’s GbE IP-Input Mux Scrambler Edge QAM (IPQC) in the CONDOR cable TV system. When this option is ordered, the software comes pre-installed.

The PD-SIS creates all necessary DVB-SI tables to allow a set top box to discover all TV channels and manages the STB software
update process.

Supported Tables

  1. NIT: Network Information Tables – supporting SSU, Home TS and full cable network discovery
  2. SDT: Virtual channel numbers and channel names
  3. TDT/TOT: Full-time synchronization for set-top boxes and EPG
  4. SSUS: Software upgrade for STBs is also provided in the NIT and the upgrade files are streamed from the PD-SIS to the IPQC via a DVB-carousel. Multiple software images can be added to this system
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