Pico Digital – PR4200IRD – Commercial Satellite Integrated Receiver-Descrambler

  • C/Ku band compatible allows easy access to C/Ku frequencies
  • Microprocessor control enables digital push-button channel selection for ease of installation, configuration, and servicing
  • Licensed by General Instrument and fully tested to meet VIDEOCIPHERs performance standards
  • State-of-the-art digital phase-locked loop (PLL) design guarantees precise frequency locking for solid drift-free operation
  • Front panel OSD (on screen display) enable switch for VIDEOCIPHERs status monitoring allowing easy setup and troubleshooting
  • UL Approved
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The Pico Macom PR4200IRD is a very user friendly and professional re-broadcast grade microprocessor-controlled satellite receiver decoder designed for CATV, SMATV, and cable radio services. The receiver uses a phase-locked loop (PLL) demodulator ensuring precise tuning and crisp clear video, even under weak signal conditions. The descrambler unit is licensed by General Instrument and meets all VIDEOCIPHERS requirements. The receiver is both C and Ku band compatible, operating from 950-1750MHz in compliance with all international CCIR standards. Front panel access provides quick module identification and easy replacement. Front panel displays enable channel selection, relative signal strength, VC sync, bypass and authorization status. Pico Macom backs up this product with its industry leading 5-year limited warranty.

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