Pico Digital – PSA5000T – 1GHz Spectrum Analyzer

  • Cost-e ective spectrum testing solution for broadcast transmitter performance and communication system network operations
  • Wide frequency range 0.15-1050 MHz enables testing of SUB/VHF, CATV, and broadcast signals
  • Real-time digital display provides up to 4000 display on-screen points
  • 4 1/2-Digit Display indicates center and marker frequencies with fi ne 0.1MHz resolution


Pico Macom’s PSA5000T Spectrum Analyzer provides excellent RF performance, featuring both fine and coarse center frequency controls, combined with a scan-width selector, to provide simple frequency domain measurements from 100kHz-100MHz/division. High sensitivity -40dBmV and up to 75dB on-screen dynamic range ensure visibility of weak signals in the presence of strong signals. Selectable resolution bandwidth helps when demodulating wideband signals such as actively modulated video carriers or observing close-in sidebands and spurious, or unexpected signals otherwise missed. Bandwidth, carrier-to-noise, noise power, signal search and FM deviation measurement provide power and convenience. The PSA-5000T includes an internal tracking generator providing high dynamic range swept measurements ideally suited for passive device sweep testing. It features a 4 1/2-digit numeric LED readout that can selectively display either the center or marker frequency. The instrument is suitable for FCC compliance testing and is an excellent choice for CATV/MATV system troubleshooting.

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