PLP – 8000193 – FIBERLINE Organizers

  • An all-dielectric method to organize, secure, store and protect delicate optic fibers
  • Individual trays can be removed to facilitate splicing
  • Large excess buffer storage area
  • Substantial cost savings


FIBERLIGN Fiber Optic Organizers are designed to help organize, secure, support and protect delicate optical fibers before, during and after splicing. There are splice tray organizers to fit all of PLP’s Splice Cases ranging from the 4.0” x 25.8” (102 x 655 mm) to the 9.5” x 38.4” (241 x 975 mm). The FIBERLIGN Fiber Optic Organizers consist of a mainframe assembly, into which are inserted splice trays, each consisting of a splice tray and a snap-on clear cover. A grooved splice block on the tray holds and cushions the splices. The splice trays are designed to accept most types of single, mass mechanical or mass fusion splices.

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