Blonder Tongue – QTM-HD-4 – 4 QAM Transcoder Module QPSK/8PSK input, QAM 256 output

  • Supports QPSK/8PSK inputs (DVB-S, DVB-S2, Turbo FEC)
  • Equipped with an integrated satellite switch that allows operator to select inputs from 4 different satellites
  • Supports ITU-T J.83 Annex A and Annex B QAM output (QAM 16, 32, 64, 128, 256)
  • Can be deployed with QTM-HD-Plus (stock 6242) for applications requiring QAM 512/1024 modulation
  • Compact design allows for deployment of 4 units (16 transcoders), including the power & control module, in 3RU
  • GUI-based menu, including SNMP-based management, provides remote monitoring/control capabilities
  • 4x 8 MHz-wide QAM channel optional software is available


QTM-HD-4 (QAM Transcoder Module) contains four (4) independent transcoders in a single module. Each of these transcoders accepts one (1) input in QPSK or 8PSK format, and the module delivers four outputs in QAM format in the 54-1002 MHz range.

An integrated satellite selector switch allows operator to select any of the QPSK/8PSK inputs from up to 4 different satellites without the need for a separate external multiswitch. The 4 RF QAM output channels can be grouped in any 42 MHz-wide span, for example grouped consecutively in a 24 MHz-wide span, or grouped as two pairs of adjoining RF channels each 12 MHz wide, or any other possible combination of 4x 6 MHz-wide channels placed in a 42 MHz-wide span.

The QTM-HD-4 may be monitored and controlled via GUI-based web pages from any computer either locally or via the internet.

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