Runpotec – 10014 – RUNPO 5, Profi-Cable Pulling System

  • 50% less frictional resistance
  • 270 kg Total breaking load
  • Virtually break-free even with the tightest radii
  • Advantages compared to Fiberglass rod – no buckling, sticking => time savings
  • Guide tip (RUNPOGLEITER) with integrated twist compensation
  • 2 RUNPOGLEITER with twist compensation at the start and end of the spiral


The RUNPO5 is another innovation by RUNPOTEC and a genuine “all-rounder”. The patented viewfinder tip, the RUNPOGLIDER with swivel allows even the tightest radii to be overcome, with a total breaking load of an incredible 270 kg in relation to the entire pulling system. The special plastic fish tape with a diameter of 5.3 mm and a triple twist has an even better shearing effect than the 3 mm fiberglass rod; the frictional resistance is only half the normal value due to spot contact.

Labor- and time-consuming repair work is no longer necessary, as this cable-pulling system is virtually breakage-free. The RUNPO5 can be stowed in a very practical box in lengths of 20 m and 30 m. The 40 m RUNPO5 strap cannot be stored in the box.

Optimal field of application: For pipe dimensions 16mm – 40mm.

Scope of supply:

  • 1 x RUNPO 5 in a plastic box
  •  Length: 30 m, incl. 2 x RUNPOGLIDER with swivel (pressed on both sides)

See the Video: RUNPO 5 – Profi-Cable Pulling System

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