Sadelco – DisplayMax 600CLI

This product has unfortunately been discontinued. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • + 1.0 dB Accuracy: On board noise source provides precision calibration. Accuracy is guaranteed over time and temperature at all frequencies and power levels.
  • Pass-Fail Installation Check: Check your entire system or just your favorite channels. On screen report summarizes results.
  • Digital Channel Measurement: Check average power of digital channels.  View flatness across the entire channel.  Measures QAM, QPSK, VSB & QPR.
  • Calibrated Leakage Detector: Search mode quickly finds leaks.  Meets FCC recording requirements using a calibrated dipole.  Unique circuitry rejects most false leaks.  Audio detects other manufacturer tags.
  • Data Recording: One button recording makes documentation easy. Automatically performs 24 HR FCC testing.  Downloads directly to printer or to a computer.
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Frequency Range: 47-600 MH
Accuracy: + 20 KHz
IF Bandwidth: 280KHz

Level Measurement           

Range:  -30 + 60 dBmV           
Accuracy: + 1.0 dB at 77° F                              
2.0 dB Total (0° – 120° F)
Resolution:  0.1 dB

Leakage Measurement                    

Tuning Range: 108 – 140 MHz     
Resolution:  25 KHz
Measurement Range:  5 – 5K uV/M       
at 3 Meters with dipole antenna.
Accuracy: + 1.0 dB at 77° F     
+ 2.0 dB Total (0° – 120° F)
Audio: Warbled tone allows easy                    
identification of tags. Variable      
Pitch aides peaking.                    
Digital Channel Measurement     
Average Power Accuracy:
+ 1.8 dB at 77° F
+ 2.8 dB Total (0° – 120° F)

Auto Calibration
Noise Source Stability:
0.2 dB 0° – 120° F
Measurements corrected for power 
level, frequency and temperature.

Automated Testing
Scan Rate: 6 Carriers/sec
Storage: >40 Scans of 135        
Channels each.

Accuracy: + 2.0 dB at 77° F
(+ 3.0 dB 0° – 120° F)                  

Range: 0 – 5%            
Filter: 20 – 200 Hz


Automatically calculated from user
selected carriers.

Adjustable volume, waterproof
mylar speaker.

General Dimensions
4.25″ x 10″ x 2.75″
11 cm x 25.5 cm x 7cm

Weight: 3 lbs (1.4Kg) including
case & batteries. 

Operating Temp: 0° – 120° F
(-18° to 49°C)
Storage Temp: -4° to 140° F
(-20° to 60° C)

6 Sub C Cell
Charge Time: 4 Hours
Battery Life: 4 hours Continuous (backlight off)
Electronic Shut-Off: Saves power
extends operating time

Standard Channel Plans
Custom plans availble on request.

Accessories Supplied
Padded Nylon Case:
Part# CASE005
110 Volt AC Charger: Part# T70
Nicad Battery Pack: Part# BAT07
12 V Car Charger Cable: Part# CH04
Operator’s Manual: Part# ST1008
Rubber Duck Antenna: Part# ANT01

Optional Accessories
Part# SH2
PC Download Cable: Part# CA10
Clone Cable: Part# CA20
220/240 Volt AC Charger: Part# T70E
Dipole Antenna:  Part# ANT02
Magnetic Vehicle Whip 1/4 Wave
Whip Antenna: 
Part# ANT03

Specifications Subject to change without notice.