Spaun – SMS 9982 NFI – Compact Multiswitch – (Discontinued)

Unfortunately, this product has been discontinued. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • SAT IF amplifiers with precompensating slope.
  • SAT IF selection logic: Using the analogue control signals 14 / 18 V, 0 / 22 kHz and ToneBurst or the DiSEqC commands Polarity, Band and Position.
  • The multiswitch supports standby mode. Both the SAT IF amplifier, as well as the remote power supply of the LNBs are only active if at least one receiver provides a supply voltage to its multiswitch outlet.
  •  The multiswitche support DiSEqC 2.0. That means bidirectional communication between receiver and multiswitch is possible.
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