Spaun – SPAROS 777 Touch – TV Analyzer with Touch Screen – (Discontinued)

Unfortunately, this product has been discontinued. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • Powerful Li-Ion battery with a duration up to 4 hours
  • 10“ LCD Touch display
  • Split-screen for the simultaneous figure of measurements, spectrum and TV picture
  • All modulation types DVB-S/S2, DVB-C and DVB-T/T2 are supported
  • Ultra fast (almost real-time) spectrum analysis
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The SPAROS does indicate the measurement data clearly and logical on the big 10” LCD color display. All measurements
can be checked in just one screen. Signal level, C/N, BER before and after correction, lost packages and of course the MER. The LKM value is an information about the system reserve. Furthermore a small mini spectrum of the selected transponder is displayed. The “AutoLock“ function does help the user to find the correct symbol rate or type of modulation if he doesn‘t
know the right one. A very helpful function when installing or troubleshooting inside the antenna system is the use of the spectrum analysis. It‘s possible to watch the complete bandwidth or just a special portion of the signal. Variant resolutions
offer an individual expertise of the signal. Especially the “Expert-mode“ for SPAROS type „Standard & Premium“ offers more possibilities for the analysis as well as for the SAT IF and terrestrial signal.


The menu item Autoscan offers an automatic scan inside the antenna system. The user has the possibilty to select different
parameters (pre-sets), so the meter does only search for signals which are matching the pre-sets defined by the user. After the scan is done the SPAROS automatically stores all frequencies. The constellation diagram displays the digital signals. In ideal case you can see the “data“ within the correct quadrants. In case of transmission errors the “data“ is not shown in the correct position. With a zoom function it is possible to look more precisely into the signal. Besides this it‘s possible to check the “data” just for a predefined time period. The measurement map function enables the user the possibility to check and measure the different measurements inside the antenna system very quickly. The SPAROS performs a scan on all frequencies that are stored inside the bank. It will take approx. 5 seconds for measuring one frequency. After SPAROS scanned all frequencies it‘s possible to store the results for documentation purposes.

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