Spaun – SVN 231 F – SAT / Terrestrial TV Amplifier – (Discontinued)

Unfortunately, this product has been discontinued. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • Number of outputs: 1
  • Number of inputs: 2
  • Model: SAT IF amplifier
  • Power adaptor: Inbuilt
  • Remote feedable: yes
  • Equalizer: yes
  • Level adjuster: yes
  • Gain (satellite): 30dB
  • Gain (terrestrial): 20dB
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A simple passive combiner would add unnecessary and unwanted signal attenuation. Therefore, it is much wiser to use an active device – SAT IF/ Terrestrial TV amplifier. The well known German manufacturer of distribution equipment SPAUN Electronic offers a very interesting product of this kind. We decided to check the performance of SVN 231 F Amplifier. The device is contained in typical SPAUN enclosure with nice looking blue plastic part and perfectly finished aluminum covers. The workmanship, as always with SPAUN distribution equipment, is excellent. You can mount SVN 231 F on the wall with 4 screws but remember that this device must be placed indoor rather than in the open air. In most cases, it will be right below the roof where the cables from the satellite and terrestrial antennas enter the building. Of course, you will need the mains supply (100~240V 47~63Hz) to power the ampli- fier. Power consumption is less than 18 W.

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