Starburst – SB-120-220-XX – Non-Standby Power Supply

  • 900 Watt Non-standby Power Supply
  • Switchable input operating at 120Vac or 220Vac, 60Hz line voltage
  • 2-Year Limited Factory Warranty
  • Additional front ventilation
  • Bonded screen vents throughout
  • Indicator light
  • Heavy-duty 13 gauge aluminum
  • MIL SPEC Powder coated enclosure
  • Optional NEMA 3R Weatherproof housing
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The SB-120-220-XX 900 Watt non-standby power supply with a switchable input will operate at 120Vac or 220Vac 60Hz line voltage. The output is field selectable for 60Vac @15amps or 90Vac @ 10amps and it comes with a 2-year limited warranty. All units are preset to 60Vac output.

The SB-120-220-XX is designed to be mounted either on a wall, pole, or pedestal; and each unit comes with an Easy Mount. This power supply is also available with a NEMA 3R rated rain-proof enclosure certified under UL-50E for outdoor operation.

SB-120-220-60 non-standby power supply provides conditioned power to signal amplifiers in cable television and broadband distribution systems. The SB-120-220 has screened vents and a power ON indicator light. The transformer is mounted inside an enclosure and supplies the load with current limited, fully regulated AC power that is free from disturbances caused by spikes, surges and other forms of power line transients. AC power enters the transformer, is converted into a quasi-square wave and regulated at the required output voltage. The power supply output is 60Vac or 90Vac field selectable, “Not to be used simultaneously.”


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