Starburst – SB-SDQM-2130 – Digital SD 12 in 1 dBox QAM Modulator

dBOX – Digital Headend in a Box – Digital SD 12 in 1 dBOX QAM Modulators with a built-in MPEG2 encoder

Starburst Technologies Standard Definition QAM product line is the easiest  and more practical way for an operator to quickly and efficiently replace existing analog headend modulators with our high-performance Standard Definition digital QAM modulators.

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Retrofit Existing 12 in 1 Analog Head Ends Into Standard Definition QAM

  • Analog to Digital in one easy step
  • Allows insertion of operators’ scrambled programming content into existing clear QAM
  • 2 streams on 1 QAM • Compatible with most manufacturers 12 in 1 head ends
  • No re-wiring
  • Remote Access
  • Reduces spectrum usage
  • EAS (Emergency Alert System)
  • Closed Captioning
  • MPEG 2 format
  • Low power consumption
  • Also fits in a Blonder Tongue chassis