Televes – 2311 – Domestic Optical Fiber Adapter

  • Features an indicator of optical signal power
  • Self-regulates the gain, for the realization of an indoor distribution
  • Can provide at its output up to 84dBμV for 41 TV channels
  • Multi window Receiver (1200 – 1600nm)
  • It incorporates a switch-mode power supply for high performance and low consumption


Fiber-To-The-Home Television – Self-regulating Gain Optical Receiver

Televés launches a new FTTH domestic receiver. This product, made entirely in Televés, is designed specifically to make easier the work of the installer. The adapter converts the input optical signal
into a stable and reliable RF signal, and automatically regulates the gain needed for an optimal reception. In addition, its compact size makes it ideal for easy placement in 100×100 mm size boxes.


  • Wavelength: 1200 – 1600nm
  • Bandwidth: 87 – 2150MHz
  • Potencia óptica máxima recibida: 3 dBm
  • Max. optical power received: -10 dBm
  • Optical connector: SC/APC


  • Output frequency: 87 – 2150 MHz
  • Typical RF Output Level Self-adjusted for 41 TV channels: 84 dBμV
  • Gain: Self-adjusted dB


  • Powering:196 – 264 VAC
  • Mains power consumption: 3 W
  • Protection index: 20 IP