Televes – 233601 – T.0X BROADBAND F.O. RX / Return Path TX (1310nm / 6dBm)

  • Ref. 2336 and 233601 features return path optical transmitter.
  • Multi-window input (1200 1600 nm).
  • Wide input dynamic range (-10 to 6 dBm).
  • RF amplified output capable of delivering: 114dB?V in MATV, and 117dB?V in SAT IF.
  • Control signals available for monitoring optical input signal. Ref.2336 and 233601 also monitors the optical output signal in the return path.
  • Equipped with tension-free connections (relay) for use as an alarm when the received optical power falls.


Complete range of headend devices to convert CATV and L-Band signals into light for distribution on PON networks. Convert the light to RF at the other end to put it back on a coaxial distribution network (FTTx) with a complete range of receivers and mini-nodes too.

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