Televes – 234901 – T.0X Dual Return Path F.O. RX

  • RFoG and G/EPON applications.
  • 4dBm, 6dBm and 10dBm Broadband and CATV transmitters.
  • 1310nm & 1550nm versions.
  • L -Band capable multi-window receivers (1200 – 1600 nm).
  • CATV FTTU Mini receiver (with OLC).
  • 20dBm EDFA rack-mounted amplifier.
  • High power outdoor nodes.
  • RFoG MiniNodes with built in WDM.
  • Video overlay WDM modules.


High density solution for the return path channel optical reception. Provides a wide input optical margin (from -16dBm to 1 dBm), to adapt to high dispersion networks on link losses. A low noise figure pre-amplifier plus a high linearity power amplifier stage guarantee the best reception conditions. The embedded AGC in the RF segment provides an estable output level in the whole operating margin. If needed, the AGC can be disabled just to make an adjustment in the output level from 0 to 14 dB.

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