Televes – 534280 – MicroKom Amplifier, 54-1002MHz (20 dB) / 5-42MHz (20 dB), 40dBmV @42CH

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  • Forward Path Gain: +20 dB.
  • Reverse Path Gain: +20 dB.
  • The die-cast housing provides excellent heat disipation.
  • An ON/OFF LED indicates when the ampifier is powered. An LED inside the unit, indicates if the amplifier is being powered


The MicroKom Series amplifiers are designed for CATV/multimedia distribution in small to medium buildings. These amplifiers feature forward and active return path with their corresponding range of attenuators and equalizers that provide the optimum adjustment to deliver the right output level in accordance with the installation needs.

The forward path features an input attenuator and equalizer, configurable by means of jumpers in steps of 2 dB. Furthermore, it has selectable interstage attenuation and equalization (tilt), with two double jumpers allowing either 0 or 6 dB settings.

The active return path is fully configurable by means of plug-in jumpers. Attenuation ranges from 0 to 18 dB in fixed steps of 2 dB. The equalizer is an interstage type, ranging from 0 to 6 dB in fixed steps of 3 dB.

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