Televes – 563701 – 8PSK/1024-QAM TWIN Transmodulator

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  • TWIN modules (two independent tuners per module) allowing up to 14 transcoded transponders/ channels per chassis.
  • User friendly interface allowing simple selection of which satellite transponder is output on which QAM channel including a decoded view of the satellite tables, output channel mode, and DISH Network(TM) installation mode.
  • Two completely independent and fully agile outputs from 54 to 1002MHz (EIA Ch. 2-158) for easier organization of wider-than-6MHz QAM carriers.
  • Input switching matrix allows for either of the two inputs to be routed to either demodulator including either one of the two inputs routed to both of the demodulators simultaneously
  • Up to 1024QAM output capability.
  • Extensive monitoring information for easy troubleshooting (current and lowest input SNR, current and highest temperature reached, number of lock loss conditions over a period of time, etc.) with LED indicators on the front of the unit.
  • High performance, MER>40dB over the full frequency range of 54-1002MHz.
  • High output level, greater than 38dBmV with over 20dB of attenuation margin for easy balance and integration.
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Each of the T.0X Q/8PSK modules contain 2 completely independent transmodulators that are capable of being feed from either the same or different sources with output frequencies able to be set independently across the entire range in order to provide maximum flexibility.

The entire transponder’s multiplex is converted to a single QAM channel so all content regardless of whether it is video or music, MPEG2 or MPEG4, SD or HD, encrypted or not, will be output unaltered eliminating the need for additional costly encoding or encryption equipment in the headend.

Additionally, both inputs and outputs can be daisy-chained with the input/output of a module being added to the input/output of all the preceding modules thus eliminating the need for RF splitters and combiners.

Configuration and Control of the modules can either done through the handheld controller or from any internet connection with the use of the CDC headend controller module and included iOS and Android Apps. The remote control of the system provides two easy to use options with the TSuite computer application or through any internet browser for maximum customer choice.

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