Televes – 565001 – Subrack Passive Combiner

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  • 1 RU (1.75″) chassis.
  • Front panel cutout for easy input signal cable management.
  • 7 “F” female type connector inputs aligned with the outputs of a fully loaded T.0X subrack assembly and adequately spaced so that the coax bridge bars provided with the units may be used to feed the combiner.
  • Rear “F” female type connector combined output.
  • 20 dB front panel test port enabling output testing without service interruption.
  • Max. insertion loss: 12 dB @ 1002 Hz (balanced across inputs).
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The T.0X Subrack Passive Combiner is a professional quality, passive output combiner designed to seamlessly integrate with the Televes T.0X headend products. It combines the outputs of any modulators, encoders, transmodulators, and processors installed in a T.0X Subrack minimizing the need to use and adjust the internal attenuators in the T.0X modules to balance the system’s output. The T.0X Subrack Passive Combiner provides excellent reliability and performance, high isolation between ports, low insertion loss, and great RFI shielding for minimized egress/ingress interference. The 20 dB front panel test port enables output testing without service interruption, and a convenient front panel cutout eases the cable management of a complete headend. It is a compact 1 RU, designed for mounting on any standard 19″ EIA rack and uses the coax bridge bar connectors provided with the Televes T.0X headend family of products for easy installation.

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