Televes – T.OX Series – ATSC/QAM to QAM Transmodulator

  • ATSC (8VSB) Input
  • 64 or 256 QAM Annex B Input
  • 64 or 256 QAM Annex B Output
  • 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512 and up to 1024 QAM Annex A output
  • Allows to cherry-pick and multiplex services
  • Modify VCT (Virtual Channel Tables) allowing modification of both RF and displayed channels
  • Standalone mount option
  • Support for both TVCT and CVCT allowing for integration with Terrestrial or Cable lineups
  • Up to 14 channels per chassis
  • Common power supply across the entire T.0X family of headend equipment
  • Common mounting across the entire T.0X family of headend equipment
  • Innovative built-in RF combiner
  • Temperature monitoring LED
  • Input Status LEDs
  • Output Status LEDs
  • 12-1002 MHz output range
  • At least 43dBmV output levels with RF loop through
  • At least 55dBmV output levels without RF loop through
  • At least 20dB output attenuation range
  • Input levels as low as -26dBmV
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Televes USA is pleased to announce the latest member of the T.0X family of headend products, the ATSC/QAM to QAM Transmodulator. This new headend offering lets an operator input 2 ATSC or QAM channels and output those as either 2 new QAM channels, or 1 QAM channel with the inputs multiplexed. It even includes cherry picking of the services.

Of course the PSIP tables are editable, including use of either the CVCT and TVCT options for cable or terrestrial style Virtual Channel creation.

All this in the same T.0X family form factor for space and cost savings, using the same mounting hardware and power supply. All with the usual top quality product form Televes at a very competitive price point.

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