Video Propulsion – FG-5000 – High-Density MPEG2 & MPEG4 48 Stream Transcoder

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Introducing the new FloodGate® FG-5000 Series Transcoder, an HDTV headend appliance for hospitality and other commercial markets. The FG-5000 Series are multi-format transcoders capable of delivering up to 336 streams in a 3U appliance. Transcode from MPEG2 to H.264, or H.264 to MPEG2, or H.264 to H.264. Support for transrating and transcaling of HD bitrates and resolutions down to smaller formats suitable for delivery in mobile, handheld, or TVeverywhere digital video delivery applications.


(MPEG4-to-MPEG2) Transcodes DISH Network or DirecTV satellite MPEG4 content to MPEG2 for playout to MPEG2-only TVs.

  • DTCP/IP encrypted MPEG4 input
  • Pro:Idiom or Samsung LYNK encrypted MPEG2 output over QAM
  • Site can maintain existing coax and MPEG2 HD Televisions
  • Supports closed captioning
  • Optional simultaneous transcode of select inputs to MPEG4 mobile formats for IP output (FG-5424 functions)


(MPEG4-to-MPEG4) Transcodes DISH Network or DirecTV satellite MPEG4 content to MPEG4 for playout to mobile.

  • DTCP/IP encrypted MPEG4 input
  • In-the-clear or selected encrypted mobile MPEG4 IP output


(MPEG4-to-MPEG2) Transcodes MPEG2 content to MPEG4.

  • In-the-clear or encrypted IP or DVB-ASI input
  • In-the-clear or encrypted IP, QAM, or DVB-ASI output
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