XFTP TRILITHIC – I-Stop – Reverse Test Probe – Discontinued

We apologize. This product has been discontinued.

  • Taps Unused KS Ports for Bi-Directional Measurements
  • Compatible with SLMs, Reverse and Forward Path Analyzers
  • Enables Tracking of Reverse Ingress to the Nearest Tap
  • Protects Instruments From Line Power Damage
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The I-Stop reverse test probe is a test accessory designed for use with most signal level meters, including Trilithics 9580 SSR and Trilithics 860 DSP. Screw the probe into a distribution taps unused KS port and a spring-loaded stinger connects a 20 dB resistive test point circuit to the seizure screw. The connection is bi-directional, so that a signal level meter or analyzer connected to the probe can measure forward and reverse signals, as well as reverse ingress. A built-in AC/DC blocking circuit protects the signal level meter or analyzer from damage from online power up to 90 Volts.

The I-Stop reverse test probe is a test accessory designed for use with:

  • Most signal level meters
  • Trilithic’s new DSP™ meters
  • Trilithic’s 860 DSPi™
  • Trilithic’s 8831Q™
  • Trilithic’s 8853Q™
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