XFTP TRILITHIC – Seeker Lite – Searcher Plus Family – Discontinued

We apologize. This product has been discontinued.

Numerical Measurement Display
Sensitive, Stable Measurements
Directional Antenna Helps Locate Leaks
Multi-Channel Operation
Long Battery Life

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The Seeker Lite is a tough, convenient and flexible leakage test tool. It assists in subscriber installs by verifying that leakage in the house is not great enough to contribute to the cable systems cumulative leakage index (CLI). Leaks can also be important sources of ingress that can hinder communication on the return band. The Seeker Lite can also be used to find leaks during troubleshooting. Seeker Lite works by measuring ambient RF leakage in and around a subscribers premises and can be used to identify and locate all RF leaks greater than 10 ?V/m.

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