XFTP TRILITHIC – TPNA-1000 – Triple Play Network Analyzer – Discontinued

We apologize. This product has been discontinued.

Increase Technician Productivity and
Comprehensive Installation & Service
Test Capability
Cost-Effective Solution
Automated Tests Improve Consistency
and Accuracy
Embedded Dual Modem (DOCSIS 2.0 and
EuroDOCSIS 2.0)
Color Display, Compact Design

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The hand-held TPNA-1000 Triple Play Network Analyzer offers a full complement of analog and digital test functions, an imbedded DOCSIS 2.0 cable modem and highly sought after auto test functionality; The TPNA-1000 Triple Play Network Analyzer provides a full complement of standard testing tools, previously only available in high-end multi-function meters.
With this full complement of testing capabilities and automated quality assurance tests, a simple user interface, large color screen and a relatively low price point; the new TPNA-1000 is the most cost-effective multi-function analyzer available today and is the ideal solution for all fulfillment techs and contractors.

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